About Us


CASA NAZARET, we are a role model firm in the religious items market thanks to our experience in the sector of over 127 years.
Based in Bordadores 5, down town Madrid, we have engaged in religious goldsmithing, vestments, imagery and all sorts of complements for nativity scenes since 1888.
It was not always easy to provide service and quality, specially during the 1930 and 1950 decades. A shortage of economic means and specialized staff made of the art of goldsmithing a real challenge.
Nonetheless, the persistence and professionalism of the family members involved in the business at that time boosted the firm’s performance.
Our success partly relies on a close and warm relationship with our clients which helps build trust.
We offer customized, expeditious and thorough solutions without detriment to excellence of service.
We are committed to our trade, oriented to our professional goals and offer world-class customer care.
The trust of our clients is our biggest reward, therefore we become more demanding over time.


CASA NAZARET specializes in the sale of all sorts of religious items:

Religious goldsmithing $ Silversmithing and restoration.
Imagery in wood pulp and restoration
Wide variety of nativity scenes in terms of models and sizes.
All sorts of items to complement your Nativity Scenes.

Special works such as:

Cloaks and dresses for virgins
Banners for processions
Embroideries or embellished with braids, medium-quality lace edging in gold, fringes of gold beads of different sizes.
Copies of oil paintings wich can also be used for banners.
Wood carvings, wood pulp and glass fiber and goldsmith & silversmith designs.


Goldsmithing & Silversmithing
Wood pulp and wood-carved figurines.